$50 million in grants for owners of the Del. affected by the pandemic

Young said the goal advances his agency’s mission: to keep people home and out of foreclosure. He said the need is great for people who have lost their jobs or whose breadwinners have died or been impaired for a long time due to the coronavirus.

He said the reality became clear once the program launched on Wednesday. “We’ve had 100 requests since yesterday,” Young said. “Just to use the 24-hour timeframe as a snapshot, that’s kind of where we’re at.”

U.S. Senator Chris Coons called the program a “needed lifeline” that can “help bring stability to middle-class homeowners.” He cited people who worked in hotels and restaurants when the pandemic hit and stay-at-home orders were issued, or those who had to care for a child or elderly relative. “I’m glad to see this relief package go into effect,” the Wilmington Democrat said.

Rachel Stucker, director of the Housing Alliance of Delaware, said keeping those affected by the pandemic in their homes is essential.

“In Delaware, we have a housing crisis like I’ve never seen before. Homelessness has doubled since 2020. Homelessness among families with children has tripled,” Stucker said.

Rachel Stucker says the state cannot afford to see landlords fall into homelessness or the rental market, where there is already a housing shortage. (Courtesy of Delaware Housing Alliance)

“We have people all over the state with the money to pay rent and can’t find units to rent. We cannot afford to leave people who own their homes – who, through no fault of their own, have been unable to make mortgage payments and manage their bills – to become homeless. or on the rental market. There’s just no room right now.

For questions about the Delaware Relief Program, call 888-303-4324 or visit demortgagehelp.com.

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