60-day child care subsidy available to unemployed parents looking for work

As COVID-related unemployment assistance expires at the end of June, the pressure is on for people who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

For parents juggling their job search with their kids at home, a Department of Human Services program might offer some relief, according to Justin Brown, director of the OKDHS agency.

“If you take unemployment and want to re-engage in the economy, this is your opportunity to apply for a childcare subsidy and for us to fund your childcare needs for 60 days. “, did he declare.

The DHS 60-day child care allowance applies to parents who are currently unemployed. The funds are distributed via an EBT card.

The program removes the income limit for applicants to allow families who may have a working parent to get help for the other unemployed parent.

In a statement, DHS said this program is different from other child care grants because the program does not have an income qualification and two-parent households are eligible even if one parent is working.

“One of the barriers that exist for families looking to re-enter the workforce is that they need a safe, high-quality place to take their children while they are interviewing and applying and during let them start, ”he said.

This benefit started over six months ago during the pandemic, but could be particularly useful now that unemployed parents plan to lose their COVID unemployment assistance at the end of June.

Brown said about 400 people have taken advantage of this benefit since it became available.

This program will last all summer, but other child care grants will continue to be available, he said.

Once an applicant is employed, their registered income will be added to their file. In some situations, a co-payment may be required at this point, according to the OKDHS website.

Click here to apply for the program.

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