All Counties in Indiana Receive Part of $ 500 Million Regional Grants | National government and new policies

Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb proposed creating the grant program in January and said on Tuesday he had encouraged local leaders to look beyond their own city and county limits.

“It’s really a rising tide that’s lifting all boats across the state, simultaneously, and I would say on an unprecedented scale, all at once over the next few years,” said Holcomb.

The state council also approved grants of $ 30 million for four regions and four more will receive $ 20 million. Three more have been approved for $ 15 million and one is receiving $ 5 million.

Wasky said those who reviewed the proposals believed it was important to donate money to all regions to support ongoing cooperation.

“The importance of encouraging regions to continue down this path was of utmost importance to us to ensure that everyone leaves with something rather than feeling like they are left empty-handed,” said he declared.

The Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative received proposals outlining hundreds of projects for major cities and rural towns, including grants to encourage housing construction, the creation of high-tech commercial sites, and the construction of new ones. leisure facilities.

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