Annual cash rebate, health vouchers and school supply grants continued in 2022

The Macao SAR government announced today (Friday) that it will maintain its annual cash distribution, health vouchers and financial support programs for school supplies.

Despite the recession, the Macau SAR 2022 public budget proposes the continuation of several policies of tax deductions and exemptions, subsidies, cash transfers, with MOP 30 billion ($3.7 billion) from the RAS financial reserve allocated to balance this year’s budget.

The city’s executive council announced today that the annual cash installment in 2022 will be distributed again from April, as it has been since the pandemic began two years ago.

The SAR has been distributing cash every year since 2008, with permanent residents currently receiving a cash payment of MOP 10,000 and non-permanent residents receiving MOP 6,000.

The policy will cover 697,000 permanent residents and 42,000 non-permanent residence permit holders this year, for a total of MOP 7.2 billion, said the spokesman for the Executive Council, Secretary for Administration and Justice , André Cheong.

The same distribution rules as last year will be followed with recipients of an allowance for the elderly, teaching staff receiving a direct allowance or a professional development allowance, scholarship students in higher education , retired employees benefiting from a retirement pension or a survivor’s pension to be the first recipients from 1 April.

People born between 2013 and 2021 will be the last to receive alms, between May 10 and May 13.

As in previous years, the monetary distribution is also awarded to residents of Macao who live outside Macao, provided that it is duly proven, by a medical certificate issued by a public hospital or a document issued by a solidarity institution social, publicize their current situation of being prevented from returning to Macau.

Meanwhile, the MOP600 electronic medical voucher will be available again from May 1, with Bureau of Health Director Alvis Lo saying today that switching the system to an online system has reduced the number scams taking advantage of the system.

“Infractions have decreased thanks to the use of digital means. We also regularly monitor data, carry out on-site inspections, receive and deal with complaints and through these means we have managed to reduce the number of breaches,” Lo said today.

According to the head of the Health Bureau, some 52 workers in the private health sector have been fired for misuse of health vouchers, while the number of violations has fallen from 263 in 2018 to just around 20.

In some cases, vouchers given to deceased people were used, while some clinics abused the use of vouchers in a short period of time.

The validity period of each voucher – available only to permanent residents will last until April 30, 2024 for a period of two years. Vouchers do not apply to services provided by healthcare professionals subsidized by the Macau SAR Government.

It is estimated that the total medical voucher subsidy for 2021 will be around MOP 432 million.

The authorities have also maintained the school supplies subsidy program for resident students enrolled in higher education institutions in the 2021/2022 school year, with some 31,000 students each receiving MOP 3,300 for the purchase of supplies. school.

Recipients can register for approval online between April 26 and June 10.

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