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BROOKINGS – Brookings City Council heard the strategic plan for 2021-2026 at its December 14 meeting. City manager Paul Briseno presented the recently revised plan, which is available as an attachment to the agenda on the city’s website.

The Strategic Plan has five points: fiscal responsibility; safe, inclusive and connected; excellence in service and innovation; durability; and economic growth.

Briseno started off with “major accomplishments” of the year, crediting the staff for all the hard work they put in to get it all done.

Fiscal responsibility

Under budgetary responsibility, all but one of the goals were “started, progressed or accomplished,” Briseno said.

This includes ongoing assessments to ensure that “our lean organization” is meeting defined tax responsibilities. He said every time a position is opened it is assessed to determine if the city needs to hire someone or if the tasks are necessary or can be done elsewhere.

Investments have been made in “a lot of our facilities to protect the taxpayer’s investment in our facilities,” Briseno said.

A 10-year plan has been devised, “which we hope to finalize next year,” he said.

The finance department is about to do an internal audit process, Briseno said.

One of the highlights was that the city received increased funding of $ 4 million from federal, state and local grants, he said. One example was the $ 50,000 the library received in November.

“I think we are in a great financial position for the many opportunities this organization will see here in 2022,” Briseno said, adding that he believes sales tax will end in 7-10% growth, ” and we’ve seen a big increase in the 3B and pill tax as well.

Safe, inclusive and connected

Brookings aims to develop a safe, inclusive and connected community, Briseno said.

The council has committed around $ 7 million to redevelop the police department’s premises, so there is no debt and no increase in property taxes, Briseno said.

Agencies teaming up to tackle food insecurity will receive $ 1.7 million in block grants for community development for a new facility, Briseno said.

The park’s master plan was completed with more participation than Sioux Falls received, Briseno said.

The hiking and biking trail funding grant was secured to add more trails, the Bob Shelden land underwent $ 3.7 million renovations, and master plans were developed for the Brookings Public Library and the parks department, Briseno said.

Service and innovation, excellence

“Service and Innovation, Excellence” includes the launch of the Brookings Insights Performance Management program implemented in Spring 2021 and updated every six months with quarterly CFO reports directly linked to the public website / dashboard; police programs, such as the record-breaking participation in National Night Out; and the investments made for the training of employees; digital programs that broadcast information to the public like text to 911 and the Brookings Engage app, Briseno said.


The fourth area is sustainability, and major achievements include studies such as the stormwater master plan; Six Mile Creek study, for which the city received approximately $ 100,000 in federal grants; and a development guide for flood-prone areas to be presented to the council in February, Briseno said.

The city has implemented such practices as permeable surfaces at Bob Shelden Field and a stormwater garden outside the City & County Government Center, a sump pump pilot project with Brookings Municipal Utilities, and a discount on trees “that sold out in the first month,” and an emerald ash borer management program and a new car charging station, Briseno said.

The city sponsored a household hazardous waste event so residents can hand in their hazardous waste, like paint, Briseno said.

The city has secured its first electric vehicle for the city’s fleet and plans to use more vehicles with renewable resources, Briseno said.

The city intends to develop the historic preservation plan, buffer yards, stacked business districts and community discussions on limited developable land, Briseno said, acknowledging the staff and volunteers who have worked on these projects.

Economic growth

The final area is economic growth, including a new management agreement with the Swiftel Center, the redevelopment of the old armory and “one of the biggest projects we have had, the successful completion of the design and development. the tender for the interchange project ”on South 20th Street. and Interstate 29, Briseno said.

“It is an honor to present this update to the City Council of their strategic plan,” Briseno said, adding that the success of the programs is attributable to city employees and department heads and “more importantly, to their commitment to the community “.

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