California and federal government reach agreement on high-speed rail


Almost $ 1 billion in funding returned to the project.

Information provided by the California High-Speed ​​Rail Authority

California High Speed ​​Rail Authority announced that on June 10, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the state of California had finalized settlement negotiations to restore nearly $ 1 billion in federal subsidies for the California bullet train project. This follows months of negotiations to restore funding canceled by the Trump administration in 2019.
“Tonight’s action by the federal government is further proof that California and the Biden-Harris administration share a common vision – clean, electrified transportation that will serve generations to come. Restoring nearly $ 929 million in grants for the California bullet train project will continue to spur job creation, move the project forward, and bring the state closer to the commissioning of trains in California. as soon as possible. We thank the Biden-Harris administration and Secretary Buttigieg for their partnership on this important milestone, ”Governor Gavin Newsom said.

It is proposed that the high-speed train route crosses northern San Benito County along Route 156 near Casa De Fruta, connecting Gilroy Station to the Central Valley. No stopping station is planned in the department.

President Pelosi added, “The Biden Administration’s nearly $ 1 billion restoration of the California bullet train is great news for our state and our nation. This vote of confidence and the restored close working relationship between the Department and the Authority will move this transformation project forward, ensuring that California can continue to lead the way in creating jobs, promoting commerce, connecting communities and protecting our planet. “

“This development has been made possible by the Biden administration’s strong commitment to ambitious and job-creating infrastructure investments, and to state, local and labor leaders across California. The announcement also comes as House Democrats move forward under President Peter DeFazio on a strong surface and rail reauthorization bill, which includes significant funding for intercity and high-speed rail transport.

“Democrats are committed to investing in bold, historic infrastructure that promotes prosperity, opportunity and justice for all in our country.” High-Speed ​​Rail Authority CEO Brain Kelly said of the deal: “With this deal it is clear that we once again have a strong federal partner in this difficult but transformative endeavor. We appreciate FRA’s expression of confidence that we are putting this project on the right track. Let’s continue the work of creating jobs and building the nation’s first bullet train project right here in California.

“The US Department of Transportation and the State of California Reach a Final Settlement to Resolve the Dispute Regarding the Federal Railroad Administration’s (FRA) Termination of its Fiscal 2010 Cooperation Agreement with California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA). This settlement agreement follows intensive negotiations between the parties and reflects the federal government’s continued partnership in the development of high-speed rail. It also underlines CHRA’s commitment to realize this transformative infrastructure project. The Department is excited to reestablish this important relationship with the State of California and is committed to fulfilling its oversight responsibilities. This regulation is an important step in advancing an economic transformation project in California, ”said Amit Bose, deputy administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration.

To learn more about the settlement agreement, click here.

The California High-Speed ​​Rail Project is under construction along 119 miles in the Central Valley with over 35 active construction sites and an average of 1,100 workers per day on the various sites. The reinstatement of this subsidy will assist the Authority in its efforts to complete the initial operating segment of the country’s first high-speed rail system.


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