Government grants

ESFA Academies Update: June 9, 2021

2. Reminder: grant insurance If you have received a grant from the DfE, you must return a Grant Insurance Certificate which confirms that you have spent the funding in accordance with the objectives of the grant. You will find information on how to complete your Grant Insurance Certificate in your …

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More than 20 projects to benefit from heritage grants

Sites that will receive funding from this cycle include churches, hotels, wineries and a train station with grants ranging from $ 2,000 to $ 20,000. An election pledge by the Marshall Liberal government, Heritage Grants are intended to help rejuvenate the state’s built heritage, ensuring it is protected and preserved …

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How to select funds according to the ESG theme

The theme was initially driven by institutional investors, but is also gaining ground among retail investors. There are around 10 funds to choose from in India, depending on factors such as active or passive funds, invested in Indian or global stocks. ESG funds are mutual funds calibrated on the basis …

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