City bid would help Ipswich secure government funding

If Ipswich were a town, it would be much easier for its MPs to persuade ministers to offer their support when awarding government grants.

This is the verdict of one of the city’s current MPs, Dr Dan Poulter, who represents North Ipswich as well as Central Suffolk.

He was speaking after an online poll showed people were equally divided on whether Ipswich should be a town – The Queen is to create a new town in each of the UK’s four countries to mark her platinum jubilee next year.

Dr Poulter said: “In principle, I support (for Ipswich to be granted city status). It would give Ipswich the highest reputation it deserves as a county seat and help me and Tom, in our work in submitting to government for funding for Ipswich. “

Ipswich MP Tom Hunt said he would discuss the matter with local residents before deciding whether or not to support the candidacy of the Labor-controlled Ipswich council for city status.

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Tory-led Suffolk County Council has said it plans to back the candidacy when it goes to ministers next year.

And the borough is also hoping to attract support from business groups and other local organizations who believe the city status would make it much easier for the government to hear Ipswich’s voice.

A poll we conducted suggested that people were equally divided over whether to gain city status – but readers continue to make their voices heard.

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