COA Notifies DOT Over Stock of Promotional Materials and Gifts Valued at 52 Million Pesos – Manila Bulletin

While the health ministry was reprimanded for overstocking millions of pesos of medicine, a tourism ministry received a similar reprimand from the Audit Commission (COA) for crowding its bodegas with more than 52 million dollars. pesos in promotional material.

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In its 2020 Annual Audit Report (AAR) for the Tourism Promotions Board, the COA said that putting away promotional material and gifts exposes items “to deterioration, damage and obsolescence”, without talk about the waste of government funds.

The AAR TPB also revealed that the agency attached to the DOT had received notices of refusal (ND) for the disbursement of 1.56 billion pesos in various markets and 80.65 million pesos for the granting of a financial sponsorship in the absence of complete supporting documents.

The two NDs are the subject of an appeal from the officials of the TPB.

“There was an overstock of promotional material totaling P52.186 million in the year 2020, an increase of P15.399 million or 29.51% from the year 2019,” COA said.

The state audit agency noted that the said inventories “cannot be eliminated”.

COA doubted that the promotional material could be distributed within the three month period in which it was inventoried.

“During 2019, the audit team has already drawn the attention of management to the 44% increase in the inventory account,” said the COA.

“However, the review of records for CY 2020 showed that there was an increase of P30,036,043.34 or 79% in the Other Supplies and Material Inventory – Promotional Material and Giveaways account,” added the audit agency.

State auditors said TPB should exercise caution in purchasing promotional materials and gifts “to avoid overstocking and wasting public funds.”

“Refrain from purchasing promotional materials and gifts until undistributed / unused items have been distributed to intended recipients,” the COA added.



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