Congress issues indictment against BJP over broken promises

AICC national spokesperson Alka Lamba on Thursday released the Chandigarh Congress Committee indictment against “six years of BJP maladministration at the MC” at the party office here in Sector 35. The indictment sheet includes a 15 point “report card” on the BJP’s vision document “Sankalp Patra” which was released five years ago.

“The BJP rule has been marked by utter failure, mistrust, corruption, false promises and additional burden on people by imposing various taxes,” Congress said in the indictment sheet. Speaking on the occasion, Lamba said, “This twin-engine arrangement of the BJP with government at the center and power in MC has crashed. The civic conditions of the city have become miserable ”. She added that the city was no longer considered a “beautiful city”, its ranking slipping to 66th place. “There is no arrangement for waste disposal. Stray cattle roam freely on the city’s roads. It was not the Chandigarh we knew. The BJP spares no effort to give a bad name to a city known internationally for its beauty and architecture, ”she added.

Congress also clarified that during their last 14 years in office, they “have made Chandigarh a leading city with world-class roads, exquisite parks and a good quality of life for its citizens.” Subhash Chawla, President of the Chandigarh Congress, said that over the past five years, “the BJP has failed miserably to deliver on the promises it made in what it called Sankalp Patra. He betrayed the trust of the townspeople. The Chandigarh Congress decided to bring back the lost glory of the city ”.

“The cost incurred for a garbage collection staff, which was around Rs 19,000 in 2017, has now risen to over Rs 45,000. Ironically, the garbage collector receives the same salary, if not less, than in 2017. Obviously, the company run by the BJP has engaged in massive corruption, ”Lamba said.

Speaking of the subsidies, Congress said that the central government subsidies to the city have decreased significantly, showing that the BJP government in Delhi is not interested in the growth and well-being of the city. “The company has failed to secure its legitimate share and the subsidies allocated by the Delhi Finance Commission out of UT’s income,” Lamba said.

The Congress also highlighted the issue of the regularization of the areas of lal dora. “The BJP has again promised to regularize the houses built in the villages outside of lal doras by bringing them back within the limits and to provide all civic facilities to these houses. They are not even able to properly pursue the case. The BJP had promised to allocate houses to the inhabitants of the villages by adopting a “plan for the rehabilitation of evictions”. Such a plan did not even appear on the BJP’s agenda for discussion, ”he said in the indictment.

The indictment also alleged that the promise to start a new intensive care unit at GMSH 16 and an Ayushman center in Sector 34 remained only on paper. “The promise to create six new schools in Maloya, Mauli Jagran, Raipur Kalan, Industrial Area phase III and in PGI also only remained on paper. They also promised that six new sports complexes would be opened in sectors 56, 50, 38 west, 43, 34 and in Mani Majra. While the Sector 50 sports complex was launched by Congress, the other five were unable to take off, ”he said.

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