Congress passes fundraising bill, aid for California wildfires and drought

Congress passed a government funding bill on Thursday in a direct vote in the face of an impending shutdown.

The Continuing Resolution Bill, a short-term spending resolution that will keep the government funded until early December, delegates $ 28.6 billion to disaster relief efforts, including disaster prevention and response. forest fires and the consequences of drought.

Here are some elements of the forest fire and drought bill.

After Senate Republicans repeatedly blocked legislation to fund the government and prevent default, Senate Democrats have come together to move forward and fund federal programs that working families depend on in across America, ”Padilla said in a statement after the bill was approved by the Senate. “I am proud to support this bill which will provide billions of dollars in critical funding to California for wildfire disaster response and drought relief, as well as funding to help resettle the Afghan refugees.

Several forest fires are burning up and down in the state. California spends more and more public funds each year on firefighting, and Cal Fire plans to spend more than emergency funds designated in the state budget to fight wildfires this year.

A prolonged drought in California could threaten access to clean groundwater for farming communities and forced conservation efforts.

The US House of Representatives will then vote on the $ 1,000 billion bipartisan infrastructure package, which also includes provisions to prevent and respond to wildfires and drought, among other climate issues.

Feinstein said the focus on upcoming funding legislation must focus on climate change to tackle fires and drought.

“As we negotiate long-term government funding and an agreement on infrastructure legislation, Congress must recognize that these intense wildfires and droughts are due to climate change,” Feinstein said in a statement. press Thursday. “We need to adopt a package that accepts this reality and addresses the climate crisis we are facing.”

This story was originally published September 30, 2021 2:48 pm.

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