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1. How to address the homelessness crisis? Should Del Norte County buy more motels to convert into homeless shelters?

We need to identify those struggling with mental illness and addiction, and provide programs for those who need a helping hand, as well as work with new state legislation to address this community priority. No, I don’t believe our county should buy an extra motel.

2. What can be done to improve morale within the sheriff’s department? How can the sheriff’s department more effectively recruit, hire and retain experienced deputies?

Garrett Scott will be our new sheriff. The Board of Overseers must provide him with the support he needs to rebuild the Sheriff’s Department, its workforce, the jail, dispatch, and the deputies who protect this community. Effective leadership and funding from Measure R will be essential to addressing these issues.

3. What can be done to prevent defendants from being “caught and released” into the community before their cases are resolved in court? Should the 48-bed juvenile ward – with only one or two people in custody – be redeveloped as an adult facility?

In 2014, AB109, Prop 47 and Prop 57 resulted in the early release of criminals and affected our ability to prosecute offenders. Our peace officers need the tools and the legislation to do their job so our district attorney can prosecute. Until our prison can be rebuilt, all options, including the juvenile hall, must be considered.

4. What is the most pressing issue in your supervisory district? What do you propose as a solution?

High fire danger and fuel loads on our public and private lands, along with high insurance premiums, pose an ongoing threat to District 3. Luckily, we’ve secured millions of dollars to meet cutbacks fuel, and I’m working hard to make our voices heard. in Sacramento regarding insurance premiums.

5. How can Del Norte County become a place where young people want to stay, raise families, start careers, and become a vital part of this community? What will you do to bring about these changes?

Nearly 80% of our high school graduates currently stay at Del Norte. However, graduates often lack the skills needed to enter the job market. Investing in more professional technical education, economic development, and the creation of lifelong paying jobs in Del Norte County is a top priority.

6. Should Del Norte County impose additional checks and fees on short-term rentals? Should short-term rentals be limited to commercial or multi-family areas, or to owner-occupied properties?

Del Norte imposes a fee on short-term rentals, by law, called a Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) which generates revenue for the county and is enforced by the tax collector. We have private property rights, so if an owner has good property for a VRBO, the owner should have that option.

7. Should Del Norte County decline state and federal grants with strings attached that dictate how local government should address local issues? Under what circumstances should Del Norte County face problems without outside funding?

All grants come with conditions, whether state or federal. Del Norte County often does not have the ability to decline funds that support areas of critical need. However, the Board of Supervisors chooses which grants to apply for based on criteria that align with county goals and needs.

8. Should the sales tax increase in Measure R be repealed? Why or why not?

No. Measure R has tackled some of the toughest issues facing the county’s limited budget, blight, public safety, animal control, natural disaster response and roads. The one thing I heard clearly from voters was finding a way to fund budget shortfalls for these important county departments.

9. Briefly explain, why are you the best candidate for a seat on the Board of Supervisors representing your district?

I believe that my engagement, understanding and connections on local, state and federal issues will provide decisive leadership to our Board of Directors. I have served our community in many capacities for 25 years and will continue to find solutions, build consensus and represent District 3 and our entire county.

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