Dumpster Today New Dumpster Rental Franchise Business Grows Fast

Dumpster Today Fast Growing Franchise Business

“Our franchisees are in business for themselves but not alone. We do what our competitors do with fewer trucks, fewer employees, faster and more efficiently.” Owner, Chad McKenzie

Dumpster Today opened in 2018, as a residential and commercial dumpster rental service company, after owner Chad McKenzie had several bad experiences with existing rental companies in the area. Complicated pricing, not returning calls, and not having dumpsters available were common. McKenzie saw an opportunity for improvement.

With more than a decade of successful business management experiences in the residential and commercial service industries, McKenzie has developed a new, streamlined dumpster rental ordering, delivery and rental management process that takes into account from the perspective and experience of the client; and Dumpster Today was born.

“We have aligned these areas of much-needed service improvements with the key profit centers of the new business model.” Says McKenzie, “This ensures that the interests and profits of the business owner are aligned with customer satisfaction. . In an industry known to be a little tough and tumble, the results of applying good customer-centric processes are great customer experiences and big profits for us. “

In November 2020, the Dumpster Today business franchise opportunity was launched, essentially replicating McKenzie’s model. Branded franchises are sold by territory or multi-territory to licensed franchisees who wish to join the Dumpster Today team. The new owners are looking to capitalize on a more manageable and successful model built in a blue-collar customer service industry with big profits. Being in business for themselves, but not for themselves, providing amazing service with a smile to satisfied customers every day.

According to McKenzie, the model benefits from an improved, user-friendly experience with clear upfront costs, fast online ordering, and a digitized and clear communication process throughout the rental experience. Using smart phone notifications and SMS, the business is also easy to manage. The Dumpster Today franchise is also designed to encourage investment by business owners. Model DT franchise owners are able to deliver more dumpsters using fewer trucks and fewer employees than traditional dumpster delivery service companies. The dumpsters themselves are custom built dumpsters with walk-in doors that adapt to residential driveways. Dumpsters and delivery trucks have a smaller than average footprint and are clean and neighborhood friendly, per HOA guidelines. These areas of improvement keep operational costs low, morale high, and management frustrations low.

In addition to traditional financing options, Dumpster Today was recently approved as a franchise by the SBA for low cost franchise loans, making franchising an even more affordable way to enter a competitive industry as an owner. small business. With funding rates at historically low levels, now is the perfect time for prospective franchise owners to step into an established business model with big profits in the blue collar arena.

When asked why anyone would be interested in a franchise, McKenzie claims new DT franchisees don’t have to go it alone. They have the support and fellowship of the entire Dumpster Today team. Sharing the mission of delivering more cans with fewer trucks and fewer employees than the competition, the Owner Alliance together expands brand and franchise value. McKenzie suggests that a Dumpster Today franchise provides security. Getting a fluid turnkey solution with years of research and development already integrated guarantees revenue and is less risky than a stand-alone business. While many businesses have shut down, slowed down, or are underperforming during the pandemic, Dumpster Today is doing well and growing.

In addition to the first corporate location in Orlando, Florida, three Dumpster Today franchises have been sold and operate in Lake County, Florida, Newport News, Virginia, and Columbus, Ohio, with an agreement additional on several territories which has just been signed in Greater Tampa. , Florida region covering all of Hillsborough and Southern Pasco counties. Talks are also reportedly underway with other potential franchisees on the east coast of Florida, Texas and Ohio.

“Our goal over the next 5 years is to have 50 territories in North America. We’re off to a good start in 2021 with seven territories heading into the fourth month of the year. We hope that our franchisees will share the growth in our valuation. as a company while working as a team. From the start, we have invested in the best equipment, renewed thoughtful processes and the latest technology. This has attracted great, high quality franchisees with whom we are proud to work and share our success. As our alliance grows, we look forward to enjoying our successes together! We are looking for those who want to grow with us. In a time when a lot of companies are doing their own thing, it’s fun to grow and see real progress, ”says McKenzie.

For more information on the Dumpster Today franchise opportunity, potential franchisees can contact [email protected] and visit the website at: dumpstertoday.com.

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