Federal funds through grant help further secure B’nai Shalom Temple, a vibrant church in eastern Brunswick

EASTERN BRUNSWICK — Federal funds through the Security Grants for Nonprofits Program will help further secure the facility shared by Temple B’nai Shalom and Vibrant Church.

“The first clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution protects our legal right to freely practice our religious faith, but we must ensure that members of the community can safely exercise this right,” said Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D -12). “Investments like this, made through the nonprofit Safety Grants Program, can help provide safety and peace of mind for people of faith in every community.

Coleman, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee, visited local houses of worship earlier this month to review security upgrades funded by the nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP ), a federal grant that funds targeted hardening and other physical security improvements and activities for nonprofit organizations that are at high risk of terrorist attack, according to a press release issued by the Jewish Federation at the Heart from New Jersey.

During the visit, Coleman saw firsthand how NSGP funds have been used to improve security at the site, including bollards, security cameras and access control features that protect the perimeter and building entrances, as well as other advanced interior security measures protecting people. who work in, use and visit the building and grounds.

“As security needs increase for faith-based organizations and other vulnerable organizations, the Jewish Federation is committed to supporting elected leaders to realize the full potential and impact of the NSGP,” said Dan Rozett, Director of the Federation. Jew, Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC).

“The Jewish community thanks Congresswoman Watson Coleman for her interest in the types of improvements the NSGP makes possible and how they are designed to save lives”

The congresswoman was joined by East Brunswick Mayor Brad Cohen, East Brunswick Township Economic Development Officer Robert Zuckerman, Rabbi Eric Eisenkramer of Temple B’nai Shalom, South Brunswick Mayor , Charlie Carley, and others from the JCRC, Coleman’s office and Cohen’s office, according to the press release.

“The Jewish Federation was delighted to showcase a grant recipient’s use of NSGP funds and to advocate on behalf of all nonprofits in Monmouth and Greater Middlesex counties to align the scope and funding of the NSGP on the changing security landscape,” said Amy Keller, Director of Jewish Security Initiatives. Federation in the heart of New Jersey.

Keller explained that the federation is also working with Jewish non-profit organizations in Monmouth and Greater Middlesex counties to optimize NSGP applications as well as the implementation of the award. To date, we’ve helped them receive more than $11 million in federal NSGP grants, New Jersey State NSGP, and other community grants.

“The Federation is proud to support and improve communal security in a significant way. We encourage all nonprofits to make full use of the NSGP and commend our legislators for their support,” said Susan Antman, executive director of the Jewish Federation in Heartland New Jersey.

Cohen said, “It is unfortunate that security has become such an essential part of maintaining our place of worship.”

“On behalf of our community in Eastern Brunswick, I would like to thank [Coleman] for his efforts to bring federal NSGP money to our communities of faith,” he said.

The Jewish Federation in the heart of New Jersey builds the capacity of the Jewish community to care for vulnerable populations, repel and protect against hate and anti-Semitism, and inspire and empower young people to build a bright and benevolent, according to the press release.

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