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Four Parkes Shire volunteer organizations received a welcome boost, with the announcement of federal government funding.

Riverina MP Michael McCormack announced that the four organizations will receive grants to support the vital work they do for the community through the government’s 2021 Volunteer Grant opportunity.

In Parkes, Neighborhood Central will receive $ 3,500, while the Third Parkes Scout Group will receive $ 1,500.

Trundle will also benefit, with the Pastoral and Agricultural Society receiving $ 2,500 and the Trundle Welfare and Community Services Association receiving $ 2,365.

The fundraising program offers community organizations grants ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000, which can be used to purchase small equipment for volunteer use, reimburse volunteer fuel costs, cover training costs, etc. transport disabled volunteers or support promotional activities on volunteer activities.

Mr. McCormack said 41 organizations in the Riverina and Midwest would share a total of $ 131,306.

“There are several thousand volunteers in the Riverina and the Center-West who improve our community every day by showing up and helping,” he said.

“These volunteer groups deserve as much support as they can get and I am happy to share this good news about grants with them just as we celebrated International Day of Volunteering.

“I thank the grant recipients, indeed all of the volunteer groups, for the wonderful work they do for the community,” said Mr. McCormack.

Trundle Welfare and Community Services Association president Rose Leighton called the computer subsidy exciting.

“We are very grateful, it makes our job a lot easier,” said the very satisfied Rose.

There are over 8.7 million volunteers in Australia and their economic contribution is estimated at $ 290 billion annually.

Mr. McCormack said many of these organizations have had difficult years and needed a financial helping hand.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the ability of many community organizations to raise the funds they need to help others; the government recognizes this problem and provides the funds they badly need, ”he said.

Mr McCormack said the 2021 Volunteer Grants program would bring a total of $ 18 million to more than 5,000 organizations nationwide.

The Riverina Voters’ Grants were nominated by Mr. McCormack in consultation with a community advisory committee.

Parkes Shire Grants

  • Parkes Neighborhood Center – $ 3,500
  • Third Parkes Scout Group $ 1,500
  • Pastoral and Agricultural Society Trundle – $ 2,500
  • Trundle Wellness and Community Service Association – $ 2,365

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