FWW: VP’s visit to Newark highlights need for additional funding

VP’s visit to Newark highlights need for additional funding

The administration’s infrastructure agreement does not fully fund the necessary water solutions

Today, Vice President Kamala Harris is in Newark to highlight the city’s response to a lead crisis that has impacted drinking water in New Jersey’s largest city.

The visit is expected to shed light on the urgent need to address lead contamination across the country and the shortcomings of the Infrastructure Investment and Employment Act.

Food & Water Watch Water for All Program Director Mary Grant released the following statement:

“Newark overcame its drinking water crisis thanks to strong grassroots pressure from community activists and the city’s ability to secure the funding necessary to protect residents from dangerous lead contamination. Unfortunately, the White House has yet to make the level of commitment needed to end the lead in water crisis nationwide. The infrastructure bill championed by the Biden administration spends $15 billion on replacing lead pipes, which is only a quarter of what the water industry estimates is needed to replace all the pipes lead service. And about half of that funding comes in the form of loans, instead of grants, which disinvested cities urgently need. It is simply not enough.

“If the administration is to fully address this crisis, President Biden should prioritize integrating the UAE Act into his infrastructure agenda. This bill is the only permanent solution to our water crises. water, allocating $35 billion a year to urgently address issues facing communities across the country. The WATER Act prioritizes disadvantaged communities and would be fully paid for by reversing some of the tax breaks given to corporations by the previous administration.And the UAE Act would ensure that funds would not flow to large private water companies that take over public water systems.The solution to our national water crisis water is ready – now we must act.


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