Government grant scams are making the rounds on Facebook Messenger

TULSA, Okla. – A common scam is doing the trick again and could appear in your Facebook Messenger inbox.

Scammers masquerade as your friends and send messages about a government grant opportunity that could make you money.

“I have been approached about something that I think is a scam, even though my friend says it’s legitimate,” viewer Susan told 2 News.

It raises the red flag on a scam that is once again targeting innocent Facebook users.

“It’s a website called and supposedly they give free grants,” she said.

Susan’s “friend” is probably not a friend at all, but rather an impersonator looking for someone to bite the hook.

“She said she got a $ 500,000 grant, but I just can’t believe it’s legit,” Susan said.

She has the right idea because the message she got from her “friend” quote is probably a scam, and here’s how you can find out.

The Federal Trade Commission has said the government will never come into contact unannounced about the subsidies. He won’t call, text, or communicate on social media.

If this happens to you, the experts said not to give out any personal information. You can even contact your “real” friend to tell them that their account may be hacked or cloned. Then report the scam to the grant on the social media site.

For the “” website, or similar sites, do not click on it. You can search for phishing by copying the URL and pasting it into PhishTank.

This will show you if the website is trying to trick you into disclosing sensitive information or if the link will deploy malware to your computer.

In this case, the website in question had a 76% chance of being phished.

If you end up with a compelling message from a friend about a government grant, you can always visit for a free list of available federal grants.

If the grant isn’t on the list, it’s probably a scam.

A great indicator is a scam, experts say, if you are asked to send money in the form of a gift card, money transfer, or cryptocurrency.

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