Grants and trips to America, at another Governors Summit

In the meantime, this Monday, There will be a limited “preview” of this conference, with the meeting also in Jujuy Land of the Lithium Board, consisting of Morales, Gustavo Sainz from Salta and Ral Jalil from Catamarca.

Energy Secretary, Salta. A few days before the announcement of the tariff distribution published by flavia rion, NEA. contains an endorsement for With a higher electricity consumption limit – 400 to 550 kWh/h – the user would lose the subsidy. But the ANO also wants a higher threshold, and the two northern sub-regions want an even bigger margin for the summer months.

“Just like the South subsidizes gas in the winter, we would say subsidize the North for electricity in the summer, especially from October to March,” the Tukuman man said. Osvaldo Jaldo (FDT).

,We need a differential rate in hot weather“, agreed the radicals with Corrientes gustavo valdesAnd he pointed out that the announced distribution of subsidies implies a “100% elimination” in three phases. “One will arrive before the end of the year and the other two will be very hard hit in December-January, in April-May we will pay, In which months do we pay the most in Norte Grande“, Shooting.

In addition, a new uproar is expected in an attempt to improve the distribution of national transport subsidies, which greatly benefits AMBA.


The ten leaders from the North will also analyze the mission they will carry out in Washington and New York at the end of September, in the presence of the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Vado” de Pedro.

last friday santiago Gerard ZamoraThe region’s current president, Pro Temporal, met with the Argentine Ambassador to the United States, Jorge Arguelloand with his American counterpart in Argentina, stanley brandAdvance “the agenda of bilateral meetings” of the provinces “with government sectors, businessmen, universities and multilateral organizations”.

The grid of conferences with block proposals for the nation was held in La Plata last Friday with the League of Governors and Axel Kisilof as host, as well as 13 provinces (from FDT and provincial forces). Among other axes, it was expected that the provinces would protect the national wealth and promote the fight against inflation, as well as greater fairness in transport fares and subsidies.

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