Graves, Scalise and Ducks Unlimited Announce Nearly $ 5 Million in Federal Grants for the Conservation of Louisiana’s Wetlands and Waterfowl Habitat – Picayune Article

WASHINGTON DC – Members of Congress Garret Graves and Steve Scalise, as well as Ducks Unlimited South Region Director Jerry Holden, announced the receipt of Ducks Unlimited $ 4,701,013 in return for federal grants to restore coastal wetlands and improve wildlife habitat in southern Louisiana. Grants from the United States Department of the Interior (DOI), awarded through the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA), will be matched by nearly $ 11,099,156 Unlimited duck funds.

In 2019, Graves and scaling requested these funds for wetland conservation, from the NAWCA, recognizing the importance of this grant partnership.

“These grants are a direct result of Congress, the conservation community, farmers, ranchers and private landowners coming together to make a difference in creating and protecting important habitats. And this specific announcement is a direct result of the great work done by our partners at Ducks Unlimited and others in our communities. For those who like to spend an early morning blind duck, fishing or bird watching – these investments are for you. These funds will help restore critical land areas, boost local economies and jobs, restore wildlife habitat, and conserve Sportsman’s Paradise for the next generation ”. Graves said.

“Our coastal wetlands are Louisiana’s first line of defense against powerful Gulf storms, and preserving our coastline is essential to protect families and communities in southern Louisiana. In addition, our coastal wetlands are home to the rich wildlife that makes Louisiana a “sportsman’s paradise”. Ducks Unlimited has long been a strong partner in our efforts to preserve our coastline and protect critical Louisiana wildlife habitat, and this announcement is welcome news for the families and communities of Southeast Louisiana who depend on our. wet area “. Scalise said.

“The public-private partnerships required by NAWCA projects offer one of the best returns on investment in conservation,” Jerry Holden, Ducks Unlimited South Region Director, said. “This is especially true in Louisiana, where the health of our wetlands is just as important to people, industry and waterfowl. “

This year’s Louisiana projects:

  • Improvement of continental marshes
    • Local partner: Unlimited ducks
    • Prize amount: $ 1,000,000
    • Unlimited ducks match: $ 2,458,469
    • Project: 5,280 acres in the parishes of Orléans and Terrebonne
  • Raccourci Bay Swamp Improvement
    • Local partner: Unlimited ducks
    • Prize amount: $ 2,000,000
    • Unlimited ducks match: $ 4,609,866
    • Project: 4000 acres in the parishes of Lafourche, Saint-Bernard and Terrebonne
  • Holt Collier and Upper Ouachita NWR Wetlands Improvement
    • Local partner: Unlimited ducks
    • Prize amount: $ 1,701,013
    • Unlimited ducks match: $ 4,030,821
    • Project: 6,388 acres in the parishes of Avoyelles and Morehouse, as well as areas in Arkansas and Mississippi

About the NAWCA:

NAWCA is a public-private partnership program that matches non-federal and federal funds to protect, restore and manage wetlands and associated habitats for migratory birds and other wildlife. NAWCA grants are approved by the Commission for the Conservation of Migratory Birds. Across North America, including Canada and Mexico, the grants will enable the US Fish and Wildlife Service and its partners to help conserve or restore nearly 500,000 acres of wetlands and associated habitat. uplands for waterfowl, shorebirds and other birds. Nationally, the grants will match nearly $ 125 million in partner funds. Partners in NAWCA projects include private landowners, states, local governments, conservation organizations, sports groups, tribes, land trusts and corporations.

To read the full DOI press release, Click here. To read the national awards, click on here

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