Hartford city council and mayor want local airport closed

HARTFORD, Connecticut (AP) – Hartford City Council has joined with the city’s mayor in calling for the closure of Hartford-Brainard Airport, a small airfield used by flight schools, public safety flights and the artists who come to town.

The council unanimously approved a non-binding resolution to close the airport earlier this month, the Hartford Courant reported On Monday. Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin began campaigning in 2015 to close the airport.

Takeoffs and landings at the airport, which sits on 200 acres of land south of the city’s downtown core, fell 30% between 2010 and 2020. That’s according to the Connecticut Airport Authority, which oversees the ‘aerodrome.

“It is in the best interest of the City of Hartford and the community of Greater Hartford, for environmentally friendly economic opportunities that will create hundreds, if not thousands of jobs, and we can take advantage of our natural resource. , which is the Connecticut River, ”said Hartford City Councilor James Sanchez, who sponsored the closure resolution.

The airport is largely exempt from property taxes, which Connecticut Airport Authority executive director Kevin Dillon has acknowledged to be a concern for the city.

The Connecticut Airport Authority currently cannot afford to take the necessary steps to close the airport, Dillon said. These include repaying federal grants, conducting studies, and possibly dealing with claims from current tenants.

Lindsey Rutka, who operates the Hartford Jet Center in Brainard, told the newspaper he had spoken to many companies related to the aviation industry who might be interested in coming to the airport without the political pressure to close it. .

“It’s very difficult with the city and everyone, with the lack of support and the pressure to close the airport so that these multiple and thriving businesses are ready to come,” said Rutka.

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