HC grants bail to central government’s permanent counsel in sexual assault case

Kochi: The Kerala High Court on Friday granted bail to the Central Government Permanent Counsel for High Court Barrister Navneet N Nath in a sexual assault case filed against him by his colleague.

Granting bail under certain conditions, Judge Bechu Kurian Thomas observed that several complaints are being reported these days after youngsters later separated and one of them married another person.

In such cases, it is important to consider whether consent to the sexual relationship was obtained by a partner solely on the promise of marriage.

In this case, it cannot be established that the applicant was forced to have sexual relations by promising to marry him.

The Court also observed that the defendant has committed a serious crime for which he deserves punishment which he cannot avoid since he is a central government lawyer.

Earlier, the accused was arrested by Ernakulam Central Police under ICC Rule 376 following a complaint by the lawyer that she was assaulted after promising to marry him.

The issue was revealed after she attempted suicide by cutting her hand veins.

According to the complaint, she was taken to various lodges by the accused to assault her. The arrest took place when he was planning to marry another woman.

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