How Casey Crowther got caught exploiting pandemic loans to buy a boat



As business owners across the country struggled to make ends meet during the COVID-19 crisis, local businessman Casey Crowther has criminally taken advantage of pandemic loans. WINK News looks back on how we found out about the embezzlement and the lawsuit that followed.

A series of wire transfers has put Casey David Crowther in trouble with the law. He bought a brand new 40ft Invincible catamaran and shared it on social media. Records show Crowther requested and obtained $ 2 million from the federal government to help support Target Roofing & Sheet Metal in Fort Myers during the pandemic.

Crowther is accused of using nearly $ 690,000 from his payroll protection program loan to purchase the boat, which was ultimately seized by the federal government.

Other businesses in Southwest Florida have not had it easy with the Paycheck Protection Program.

“[It was] the pay of our staff, [it] paid our rent and our utilities, ”said John Giaquinto, owner of Duval Street, a restaurant located at 4721 Vincennes Blvd. at Cap de Corail. “We actually got half of what we asked for, which was very little, and we had to wait until the second round to get anything. “

“They could have kept the people employed to buy food, pay their bills, pay their rent,” said Laurie Thomas, co-owner of Clam Bake, a seafood restaurant located at 16520 South Tamiami Trail in Fort Myers. “It’s just… I can’t understand this dishonesty. “

Casey Crowther has since been convicted by a jury and her clients now have questions. Crowther told them not to worry, that he had them and his workers covered. He told WINK that Target Roofing will operate as usual and the business will remain in his name.

But his name will remain tarnished for many fellow business owners.

“It’s horrible,” said Martin Drexler, owner of Wise Guys Deli at 2117 West First St. in Fort Myers. “It’s terrible. It’s horrible. [Theloan] was used for business to help people, to employ people.

Many people confuse Casey Crowther’s Target Roofing company with Crowther Roofing; it is important to note that they are not related in any way.

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