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“Move forward”… “Move forward”… “We have problems, let’s not wait to solve them”… “This is not a drill”

All of the above are motivational phrases for elected officials and professionals who are urged to address the challenges we face in our counties, cities, and towns, especially in Illinois. There are times when these challenges feel overwhelming. Today doesn’t have to be one of those times.

Your editorial of April 3, “A permanent challenge”, was right in the main concern of each community; population loss, slow economic development, declining school enrollment, and high taxes from state and local governments.

I am of the opinion that now is not the time to retreat and wring our hands; it’s time to start investing in ourselves. There are so many federal grants and programs available, coupled with extremely low bonds and loans.

The economic future is bright for all of us. We are at a time when these opportunities for communities “are not going to last forever”. Please don’t think these challenges will be easy to solve…it takes many hours of work and hard work.

People also read…

I hope that the leaders of the Quebec region will travel to the Midwest and see what other community leaders are doing to successfully meet these same challenges as ours.

I repeat myself…start investing in yourself and your community. “Don’t let the train overtake you.”

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