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Aaron Davidson

I I hope you are all having a good week. At our last meeting in June

On the 16th, we discussed some elements resulting from our visit to Washington DC. If you recall, through our connection to Congressman Henry Cuellar’s office (TX-28), we arranged meetings with several federal agencies. One of the meetings was with the SPPC division of the Department of Justice. During the meeting, we discussed the Community Oriented Policing Program (COPS) hiring program. This program will cover the salary and social costs of four new police officers for a period of three years. EMC Strategy Group submitted the grant application last week and we hope to hear the results in late August or early September. This grant will save the city approximately $546,720 over the three-year period. This equates to 68% of the money needed to employ the four officers. This would be a direct result of our visit to DC. Additionally, we are also applying for a Corps of Engineers grant to mitigate flooding in the Atascosa River. This grant could help make the river more accessible, visually pleasing and safer. We still have additional opportunities to take advantage of funding discovered during the DC trip. The city will continue to explore state and federal grants. These grants will help support local projects and save our local taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. This increases or reduces the burden on taxpayers. As we continue to explore funding opportunities, I will keep you posted. I am also pleased to report that the City’s request for a Federal Appropriation Project to support the construction of a new Pleasanton Police Department and City Courthouse, Justice Center, has been included in the draft. of the United States House of Representatives of the appropriations bill for fiscal year 2023. EMC Strategy Group worked with the office of Congressman Henry Cuellar to submit this federal request for $2,975,000. We continue to have excellent relationships with our state and federal legislative delegation. Hope you all continue to have a great week.

CLINTON POWELL is the Mayor of the Town of Pleasanton. You can reach him at [email protected]

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