PN promises grants and tax exemption for parents of children participating in extracurricular activities

The Nationalist Party is committed to paying an annual grant of 300 euros to parents of students under the age of 18 who participate in extracurricular activities, Bernard Grech said on Tuesday.

The party also offers plans that allow parents to have private school and extracurricular expenses deducted from their taxable income.

Grants will apply to programs offered by registered associations in sports, performing arts, culture and the arts.

Grech announced the schemes during an interview on NET TV, for which the media were not invited.

“Through these measures, we will help everyone succeed and reach their potential: from the most ambitious to the most vulnerable,” Grech said.

Grech also reiterated the measure to reduce income tax to 5% for the first €18,000 made by coaches, players and artists.

Withdrawals of candidates

The PN leader said the decision of four MPs not to stand in the March general election was part of a regeneration effort within the party.

“The new faces testify to the regeneration that has been going on for some time. We have an injection of young people and people with energy and enthusiasm. I want to have a regenerated party but I want to use the experience of those who can still contribute He there are those who do not contest, not because of problems with the party, but because the time had come to give way to others,” Grech said.

The reference was to Claudio Grech, Clyde Puli, Kristy Debono and Mario Galea, who announced on Monday that they would step down.

However, on Tuesday Galea had another story to tell about his withdrawal from the electoral race. “They made my life hell,” he told Malta Today.

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The PN leader said he wanted to leave room for everyone. He said he was going to a meeting with Claudio Grech.

“Claudio is still on board as he still has a lot to offer the party but in a different role,” Grech said, not saying a word about Galea’s claims.

Grech had told MaltaToday that if Galea produced proof that someone within the party had taunted him about his sanity, he would fire them immediately.

During his interview on NET TV, Grech brought up the rising cost of living, for which he said the government had no solutions. He mentioned the PN’s measure to create a €40 million fund for Maltese companies and SMEs, which are facing increasing logistics costs.

“PN had a vision for Malta to join the EU, but at the moment we are not reaping the full benefits as suppliers are facing increased shipping costs due to us being an island. ”

In his closing speech, Grech stressed the importance of empathy in politics and said Malta needed a prime minister who understood people’s struggles.

“That’s why a nationalist government will be with you for a better life.”

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