Prince William County Police to use federal grant to review use of force

The Prince William County Police Service will use $250,000 in federal funding to review officers’ use of force.

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The Prince William County Police Service will use $250,000 in federal funding to review officers’ use of force.

The money is part of recent congressional appropriations approval for community improvement initiatives and comes from the Department of Justice Byrne’s Discretionary Community Project Grants.

“I have worked closely with county and department heads to make this priority a reality and I look forward to seeing how our officers will benefit from the new policies, training and data collection recommendations that we anticipate from this study,” U.S. Representative Jennifer said. Wexton, D-10e, who helped secure the grant.

The police service recognizes that the use of force by officers “remains a critical issue in communities that merits further exploration to ensure that the force used is lawful and not unjustly used in a disproportionate manner against members of our communities of color,” the statement read.

The plan would assess, assess and analyze the department’s use of force policies, training programs, police culture, oversight, de-escalation strategies and tactics with the assistance of an independent contractor.

The independent contractor will also assess and assess which environmental or precursor factors are commonly associated with the use of force using the police department’s use of force data, according to the release.

The contractor will recommend any adjustments that may be required in current use of force policies and training programs.

Additionally, the contractor-agency partnership will analyze what use-of-force data is already being collected, what additional data needs to be collected, and how existing data should be interpreted and made available to the public.

This program will build on “the ministry’s commitment to fairness, trust, legitimacy and transparency within the community, strengthening communication and relations between the police and the community, putting more emphasis on emphasizing compassion and reinforcing the sanctity of human life, and promoting evidence-based better decision-making regarding the use of force,” the statement read.

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