Shanghai aspires more than ever to global professionals

Ti Gong

The Talent Service Innovation Forum is held online and offline in Changning District on Sunday.

Professionals in electronic information, automotive, high-end equipment, advanced materials, life and health and fashionable consumer goods will become the most sought after by local businesses in 2022, according to a poll released on Sunday.

The 2021 Shanghai Talent Shortage Index report, jointly released by the City’s Talent Office and the City’s Economy and Information Technology Commission, analyzes the supply and demand of local employers and of the best professionals, such as returnees abroad and those with doctor’s orders.

The report was unveiled at the Talent Service Innovation Forum in Changning District on Sunday. It was part of a serial event of the Shanghai Global Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit.

“Shanghai aspires more than ever to international professionals,” said Hu Wenrong, director of the Shanghai organization department, at the opening ceremony.

In response to employers’ demands, a government sponsored talent recruitment platform was released during the forum. The online platform developed by Changning’s talent office is now open free of charge to companies and professionals.

Talent agents and communities will be developed on the platform to help match companies and top professionals, said Zhang Yuan, director of Changning’s human resources and social security office.

The government will publish the latest talent policies on the platform. Recruitment information, fair, training, forum and services will also be available.

The official platform is expected to cut the recruiting circle by two-thirds, recruiting costs by half and labor costs by a third for companies, according to the office.

Changning aims to attract the best professionals from all over the world to exploit the development of the Hongqiao International Open Hub. A human resource alliance has been established by Changning with Jiading District in Shanghai and Kunshan, Taicang, Xiangcheng and Suzhou Industrial Park in neighboring Jiangsu Province.

The district government has spent 170 million yuan ($ 26.7 million) on housing subsidies benefiting more than 12,000 specialists in the district. Fourteen talented apartment projects with some 1,900 apartments have been built in Changning. Another 5,300 apartments are under construction in the Hongqiao area to accommodate more professionals.

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