Sonoma gets big wildfire grant, why not Napa? | Local News


– A $ 11.8 million Cal Fire grant for the County Shredding Program and the Howell Mountain Corridor Restoration Project, among others.

– $ 1.5 million from the Firefighter Assistance grant program to replace a fire truck, purchase mobile data terminals and purchase automated vehicle locators.

– A grant of $ 1.6 million from FEMA for emergency power supply to the Berryessa Highlands hydropower plant.

Representative Mike Thompson, D-St. Helena, supported Sonoma County’s successful attempt to secure the $ 37 million federal grant. He and Rep. Jared Huffman wrote a letter to FEMA calling the request “critical.”

“Please know that I will continue to work to recoup every dollar and every federal resource to help our region prepare for fires and mitigate the impact of future fires,” Thompson said in a press release.

Napa County officials said they were aware of Thompson’s potential help. Adams said the county was in regular contact with his office.

“Had we decided to continue with this grant, we are confident that we would have continued to receive support from the Congressman,” Adams said.

Napa County should have another opportunity to apply for a grant to build resilient infrastructure and communities, if it decides the timing and plans are appropriate. The Biden administration in a press release said it plans to release $ 1 billion in fiscal 2021.


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