“The answer is not to abandon our streets”

Hello. It’s Friday. We’ll look at the strategies President Biden has outlined to help New York City address gun violence. We will also look at the continued fallout from the resignation of former Governor Andrew Cuomo.

As President Biden might say, he and Mayor Eric Adams are simpatico.

“Mayor Adams, you and I agree: the answer is not to abandon our streets,” the president said during a discussion on gun violence at New York Police Department headquarters. Nor is the answer to defund the police, Biden added: “It’s to give you the tools, the training, the funding to be partners, to be protectors.”

Biden outlined a vision shared with Adams that aims to increase federal investment in policing while responding to violent crime and protecting against overpolicing.

The mayor – who said, “There’s a reason they call me the Biden of Brooklyn” – said it was reassuring to have a president who understands the city’s issues. New York remains a city on edge, as the president acknowledged when he mentioned two officers who were killed last month while responding to a 911 call about a domestic disturbance. He called them “who and what law enforcement should be.”

Biden promised the Justice Department would focus on so-called ghost guns, weapons that are assembled from kits but not covered by federal gun laws. “If you commit a crime with a phantom weapon, not only will state and local prosecutors prosecute you,” Biden said, “but also expect federal charges and federal prosecution.”

He said the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has formed task forces across the country to crack down on firearms being transported across state lines, though some criticized the administration for failing to find a confirmed head of the agency. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who also attended the session, said 90% of firearms used in crimes in New York are trafficked illegally.

[Biden Vows to N.Y. Officials That He Won’t ‘Abandon Our Streets’]

For the president and other National Democrats, the trip had bigger political implications. My colleagues Katie Glueck and Zolan Kanno-Youngs write that Biden is navigating difficult cross-currents. His political base is counting on him to implement long-promised police accountability measures. But Republicans are making a concerted effort to define Democrats as soft on crime.

Biden’s struggling approval ratings haven’t helped. But New York Democrats, including Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul, gave him a warm welcome.

For Adams, it was a high-profile opportunity to lobby for federal assistance in addressing gun violence in the wake of the shootings that alarmed many New Yorkers. Many National Democrats say Adams, a former police captain, has a paradigm that will appeal to voters concerned about both crime and police misconduct.

On Thursday, Biden said the feds will give Adams what he wants. “We want to fund and provide the additional services you need beyond someone with a gun strapped to their hip,” Biden said, adding there was $200 million for programs. intervention against community violence in its proposed budget. He also noted that he called on Congress to increase federal grants to police departments by $300 million and encouraged localities to use stimulus funds to hire more officers and pay them overtime.


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Going for the jugular was a move practiced in former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s long career in Albany. But in the year since he was first accused of sexual harassment, the tactic has proven counterproductive for him – he quit in August after saying his initial instinct had was to “fight through this controversy”. And the careers of the people around him suffered.

The fallout continued on Wednesday when Jeff Zucker (above) stepped down as president of CNN. His departure came after an internal investigation into former network presenter Chris Cuomo – who was fired in December for his role as an adviser to his brother. Lawyers for Chris Cuomo, fighting for millions of dollars in severance pay for him, mentioned Zucker’s undisclosed romance with another CNN executive long rumored in TV news circles.

“They are known for not taking prisoners. That’s how they fight, and I think the feeling is, ‘If I go down, you go down,’ said Debra Katz, a lawyer representing Charlotte Bennett, one of the women who accused the former governor of sexual violence. bullying.

Andrew Cuomo had a reputation for governing by fear during his decade in office – and for pressing the Cuomos’ case forcefully when his father was governor in the 1980s and 1990s. And he and Chris Cuomo worked for resurrect their reputation since leaving their jobs. The former governor sought out former allies, hinting he was considering returning to public life. The New York Post reported that he was seen Tuesday having dinner with Mayor Eric Adams, who once called for his resignation.

My colleagues Luis Ferré-Sadurní and Michael Gold write that in bringing up Zucker’s romantic relationship in discussions with CNN, Chris Cuomo and his lawyers criticized them for using the same combative approach that Andrew Cuomo often used in Albany .

“If this is a domino effect that starts with Andrew Cuomo coming down from the governor’s office, then Chris Cuomo being fired from CNN, then Jeff Zucker losing his job at CNN, it’s a remarkable chain of events” , Brian Stelter, the network’s media correspondent, said on air Wednesday, adding that Chris Cuomo was “not going out quietly” and was possibly trying to “burn the place down.”

A spokesperson for Chris Cuomo declined to comment.

Zucker’s relationship with Allison Gollus, whom he described as his closest professional colleague, had long been rumored in TV news circles.

Gollust is CNN’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer, though my colleagues John Koblin and Michael M. Grynbaum write that her headlines only hint at her influence. At CNN, colleagues said she and Zucker run the network more or less as a unit. They worked together for more than 20 years, starting at NBC, where she was lead publicist for the “Today” show and he was a whiz executive producer.

“They were joined at the hip,” former “Today” host Katie Couric wrote of Zucker and Gollust in her 2021 memoir, “Going There.”

Dear Diary:

I had been driving small moving trucks for years. When one of the long-haul drivers where I worked quit, my boss decided I should take his place behind the wheel of a huge tractor-trailer.

My first trip was uneventful. On my second trip, I had two shipments to deliver: a move to New Jersey and a small office on 25th Street in Manhattan.

Entering the city, I crossed the George Washington Bridge, then Broadway. When I arrived at the 25th Street address, I found a crowded loading dock. Stopping wouldn’t have been a problem for a veteran rider, but I was a rookie.

After waiting several minutes for another truck to pull out, I managed to back out on my first try. Unfortunately, it was a two-truck dock and I was a little above the center line.

“You have to get this over with,” said the wharfmaster.

“It’s probably going to take me longer to recover than it takes to get the stuff out of the truck,” I pleaded.

“It’s not my problem, mate,” he said. “Lots of other trucks. You have to get it over with.

So I back and forth, trying to move the truck a few inches. The driver of a small truck waiting to get on helped me by blocking the traffic.

When I finally crossed the center line, I met the driver of the small truck at the dock.

“You just got out of truck driving school?” He asked.

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