Thousands of Nevadans may soon find relief from ‘The Family Glitch’

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) — Many employers these days offer health care coverage as a perk of working for the company.

While a family member may have health insurance, a wife, husband or child may be one of the 5,000,000 Americans who do not. That’s because adding a family member to the employer-sponsored plan is just too expensive.

It’s called “The Family Glitch”. Since the Affordable Care Act went into effect, U.S. Senator for Nevada Catherine Cortez Masto said it was an oversight that has impacted many families in Nevada.

“If a working mother of two wanted to purchase insurance for herself and her family, what was required under the Affordable Care Act was that she could purchase insurance from the employer,” said said Senator Cortez-Masto. “It would be capped at 10% of the income she earns. So that she does not spend more than 10% of her income to cover this insurance. But when she wanted to cover her family, her two children, it was not capped at 10%, ”says the senator.

President Biden hopes that with the stroke of a pen, “The Family Glitch” will disappear.

On April 4, he signed a rule change at the ACA. It must now go to the IRS for public comment.

But if approved, it means spouses and children can go to Nevada’s “Health Link” insurance marketplace and find affordable health insurance through federal subsidies, which another member of the family whether or not they have employer-based health insurance.

“The exchange will work with our provider to make this fix happen to our enrollment and eligibility system,” said Ryan High, executive director of the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange. “So when consumers come to shop on November 1, they can take advantage of the subsidies because it will be fixed,” says High.

High says we won’t know if “The Family Glitch” will be dropped from the ACA until mid-summer.

Although “The Family Glitch” has yet to be resolved, Health Link would like to remind Nevadans that if a life qualifying event occurs such as death, divorce, marriage, or adoption, consumers can enjoy a special registration and register for or modify their current health insurance obtained during the exchange.


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