Trenton, NJ Secures 130 Radio Loan As Municipal System Talks Continue

TRENTON – The Mercer County executive has loaned the New Jersey capital about 130 portable radios as city officials pledge to work together to improve the city’s communications system used by police, firefighters and d other emergency responders.

A statement from Mayor Reed Gusciora’s office said Thursday that if the loan from Executive Brian Hughes, for whom radios have been programmed into the county system, is “not optimal”, he will leave Gusciora and the City Council President Kathy McBride more time to negotiate a solution compatible with departmental operations.

Earlier in the week, Gusciora and McBride clashed in the media over a $ 4 million appropriation of the US bailout for an upgrade the board chairman had refused to consider, while more than 200,000 $ in arrears owed to the city’s current supplier remained unpaid.

Gusciora’s statement reiterated that radio service will end on October 31 if this payment to MPS Communications is not made.

The mayor expressed his gratitude to Hughes for agreeing to meet with city officials, and also thanked McBride for his “goodwill and willingness to work together”.

McBride, whose previous comments on the radio system controversy were made via his personal Facebook page, had not posted any new public messages on the matter as of Friday afternoon.

Patrick Lavery is the anchor for the New Jersey 101.5 afternoon news. Follow it on Twitter @ plavery1015 or send an email to [email protected]

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